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Mountain Bike Rental with Permit

Mountain Bike Rental


Conservancy Permit   ($35.00value)

For those of our island visitors who enjoy being active, we are now offering Mountain Bike Rentals that come pre-equipped with it’s very own Catalina Conservancy mountain bike permit. The permits, which are issued by the Catalina Island conservancy, will cost an individual bike rider $35.00. We would like to point out that this does NOT include the price of a regular Mountain Bike Rental. However, we are pleased to offer our mountain bike rentals for a flat fee of $40.00 per bike. For those of you who are on vacation and trying to relax on your Catalina Island trip, book our Ridge Route to Avalon tour. Our Ridge Route Tour is similar to a mountain bike rental except for the fact that you don’t have to peddle out of the City. Enjoy a private SUV excursion which will escort our participants to Catalina’s Airport in the Sky.

Dude smiling for the camera as he enjoys his Catalina Island Mountain Bike Rental Girl on a mountain bike rental at Catalina Island's airport in the sky Couple on a self-guided mountain bike rental Couple smiling for the camera as they enjoy their Catalina Island Mountain Bike Rental

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