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Casino Point Dive Park

Casino Point Dive Park…

is certainly a popular Tourist attraction in Avalon, California. A very busy dive site featuring entry steps, restrooms, storage lockers & an air-fill truck most weekends. Recreational diving is a huge water sport on Catalina Island. This Dive park is any new Diver’s “classroom” as most people earn their open water certification here. I was privileged enough to have learned to dive here from “Catalina legend” Tim Mitchell. There were also two other members in our class. Other than my brother, our class also included Israel Robinson and Chris Howard.

A local bartender whom we locals call “Izzy” was one of two additional members. Izzy can be found almost everyday tending bar at my local favorite eatery called The Lobster Trap! This restaurant is owned by a Catalina Island local named Caleb Lins. Caleb also own’s Catalina Diver’s Supply, The Seacrest Inn, and Avalon Seafood, which is the Fish n Chips located on the Green Pleasure Pier. Amongst his many businesses, he is also an avid lobster fisherman and the driving force behind all of our diving certifications :-).

Finally we get to Christopher Howard. This man is one of Catalina’s most advanced Scuba Instructors. Chris can always be found at The Casino Point Dive Park during the day. He loves to share his knowledge of diving during the day, but also works at a Catalina Island restaurant during the evening called Steve’s Steakhouse.

Diver’s who wish to stay the night should browse our online catalog listing the Catalina Island Hotels . Diving is certainly one of the most popular Things To Do on Catalina Island. Although a fun activity, diving is also a physical water sport. Make sure to fuel your body at a local Catalina Island restaurant.