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Catalina Island Outdoor Adventures 4 differnt pictures showing different adventures on Catalina Island.joins forces with Tour Catalina, Catalina Bikes, Catalina Escape Room, and Bike Catalina. First time visitors to the Island should first decide which one of the Catalina Island Ferries best suits their trip. Due to the fact that their are multiple boat terminals on the Southern California Coast, be sure to check the ferry schedule. Because of the high volume of passengers, reservations are recommended.

The two Catalina Island Ferry companies consist of the Catalina Express and the Newport Flyer. Visitors who wish to stay the night should maybe consider browsing our catalog containing all of the Catalina Island Hotels.

Catalina Outdoor Adventures features a unique offering of exclusive tours that is sure to be a memory to remember. Guests have various activities at their disposal and most importantly, its Private! Our vehicle capacity is 6 guests at a time. That’s only $20 a person for every hour in which you decide to have the vehicle.

The integration of Catalina Outdoor Adventures and Tour Catalina promotes a unitary platform and sets the example within the community. Community cooperation provides a modern vision not focused towards competition, but the alliance of Avalon’s community. Therefore, we are excited to embark on a new adventure and look forward to working with fellow community members. Join us on one of our Catalina Island Tour’s as we adventure into Catalina’s private Conservancy Land.

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